Colebrooke Place



2019 - 2017



Stainless Steel Direct 

Exterior Solutions 

Neighbour Construction Ltd

Build Space Ltd

Refurbishment and extension

An artist wanted to construct a new painting studio and modernise the living space to the ground floor of his 3-floor terraced maisonette in the heart of Angel. The property featured a private corner garden, but it's potential wasn't fully explored. We drew our attention to the garden and organised the space by introducing a design process of mimicking and blending nature.

It started from the new painting studio; a light pavilion formed the third wing of the garden to complete a new courtyard. We constructed the studio facade with two layers: in front, the organic yet pure rhythmed white charred timber posts to match an existing white birch. Behind, the second layer of a fully extractable glass screen to guarantee connectivity to the courtyard.

Subsequently, we repeat the painting studio's motive - in the kitchen, a crafty faux forest back wall; in the dining a clustered cupboard. These three wooden elements reset the garden boundary and include the entire ground floor into one natural space.

To optimise the layout, we moved the kitchen to the middle of living and dining. A five-meter long new island finished with a single sheet stainless steel counter - bringing in practicality to this bright communal space.

Throughout, we used less-treated finishes - a mixture of polished concrete, painted mild steel and oak flooring. It all accompanied by indirect ambient lighting to maintain a constant liaison to the garden - an ideal retreat of urban living.