Cyprus Street






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Thomas Tong

Stefanache & Co 

AM Building Space Limited

Refurbishment and rear extension

The conversion of this private residence was a contemporary response to its historical context. The mid-19th-century Victorian terraced house had a standard arrangement - front, back rooms, staircase and a rear extension outrigger. At the turn of this century, the previous owner removed the partitions to accommodate a modern open plan. Our proposed scheme with extension was an alternative. It presented one space, but in between, decorative/ functional architectural elements (columns, beams, cornices, shelves) marked past living traces and defined the new.

As such, the project was about negotiating the interfaces. For example, a continuous skirting profile transformed between the kitchen and dining. The double-sided curtain brought variety into the library and living room. The large bookshelf became a cloak cupboard in the hall. Gradually, places started to have unique characters, and the contrast created a theatrical sensation - each room served as the other's backdrop.

Two new conservatories pushed the building envelope into the garden. Constructed by structural glass, we created the experience of being in the garden all year round. These extensions enjoyed a curious view of an old gatehouse, added one more surprise.

We aimed to look at the demand of generous space under another light. In this small building measured merely five-meter across, we created scenes and changes beyond its limit.